Brand Identity 2021 – avoiding a crisis

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Brand Identity 2021 – avoiding a crisis


Brand Identity- source and target, tightening any potential placement gaps – Source and target in branding, two areas that can go drastically wrong in brand representation and marketing. When the reality is at a product or service gap then disaster is likely to occur. But should we look to shoot the messenger? Not always.

Who we want our brand to be in our outside view of our business or our projected one is a great directive for any PR or marketing firm but if the brand is nowhere near that image then it is the audience first that will see the gap and then we have a classic case of negative PR and likely loss in potential revenue. Contrary, having improved your service and brand and not your online assets at the same time could also cause potential loss and audience retention to drop off.

That’s why it’s important to play to your strengths, and your audience and honestly it makes for a better and engaging story to reflect where you are and what is true to your brand. In growth, everyone loves to see hard work pay off and audiences will respect your brand journey and decisions you made, showcasing real work and seeing real faces is the stuff of political campaigns but also the grounding of businesses.  Core content everyone can relate to is effective and on whatever level you are managing that content, interactions will increase and that will validate you and trust in your operation. Refreshing your online assets or a marketing push is a great way to let your audience know you have been moving with the times, as they have.

For example, at Icarus we are a small firm with a wealth of experience in several international markets with big brands and big business. We have worked with great teams along the way, forged our own since and cut our teeth to hone skills and improve our craft collectively. We apply our global experience to any size business and at the same expertise level and that is a niche for us, a unique selling point. Or at least as we always listen to feedback we hope so and so far, so good.

Disparities occur and can become the down fall of too many a business sadly and it’s not anything they essentially do wrong, its just sometimes not thinking it through from a customer perspective. Think of your online presence as a shop window. When the customer is inside, will they get the same experience you have promised so far or will they find a huge difference?

Here are some top tips to make sure your branding is staying true to its own context :

  1. Back up your public facing goals and acquisition targets with examples of projects or services you have already completed. If you want to go to next level acquisitions proof of completion is likely going to be necessary and displaying that across the correct channels is key.
  2. Everyone is on a growth curve so quite often we forget where we started. Where you started is a great story and documenting growth and new accounts or clients on board is something you should do. New projects can attract old clients who see your business coming along and can be valuable referrals. Share this content across your channels and share again for new viewers.
  3. Don’t try to be what your not but positively re instate what it is you are repeatedly for your brand. Sing praise when it is offered in testimonials and examples of work done well. If you connect with your audience then the chances of them looking you up on a direct search as a new customer are significantly higher, as to not lose them to your competition.
  4. Look over your analytics carefully to make sure you are reaching the right demographics and target audiences. If new ones are emerging, first look at them as opportunities. Quite often we find where a brand thinks there audience is initially, in reality there is another one and its time to react. For example, recently a clients offering was supposed to have been predominantly a female audience. In fact it was 75% male and we shifted content and imagery accordingly.
  5. Ultimately make it easy for your audience ( new and existing) to find you, what you are and to sign up for your services and products. Open the door and lead them the way. Effective research will tell us which of your services will perform well in key geographical areas and which one’s won’t or are saturated. Finding the gap to break in and perform is something we and other respectful agencies are happy to do.

Icarus Communications is a local advertising and marketing business happily based in Comber, Northern Ireland. If you would like to talk with us about looking over your brand or business and see how we may be able to work together to achieve growth then email or the author Owen Waters at