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Brand Positioning 2021

brand positioning

Brand Positioning

Recently we were asked by a local brand that was partnering with a global brand in their manufacturing process to set a new product on the world stage through distribution.

The assets online were capable, the market ready. So you ask, how do you position a brand in that sense onto the world stage from essentially a localised market.

The first thing to look at is quite simple, is the product and brand strong enough to make the jump? Are the content and imagery transferrable? Are we talking a common language and is that language accepted across all stakeholders, are we all on the same page from the marketeers to production to audience.

Yes? Well good, so here’s a quick eye opener of how we do it. It is the same approach we take to all localised and nationalised campaigns and a quick check list of the assets and how they will be utilised is the key. Like all good campaigns, it’s the team effort that makes the difference. The stories from the audience and the production floor are a crucial part to the culture that makes up the brand. No man is an island Jack and all that, right Jack?

Owen Waters

Written by Owen Waters, Managing Director of Icarus Communications.  If you would like to talk to Owen direct please email

Let’s start with what most have in terms of online assets and branding presence and examine how we would go about that..

  • Website, has it been cleaned, optimised and SEO onsite and tech ready for market.
  • Are keywords and content strategy planned and present across the website.
  • Has imagery been identified as part of that content and addressed for SEO.
  • Where are the strongest stories and how do they currently look, can we redress them, what is best reuse here.
  • Has the content and keyword strategy been addressed in advertising platforms.
  • Has that same content and keyword strategy been addressed the same in social media plans.
  • What integrations are there and what installations are in place for key performance indicators.
  • Operationally speaking, where is and who is the voice of the company, and how does that fit with the audience.
  • Who is, and who do we really want the audience to be.
  • Who are the competitors and how did they approach the market.
  • Where is the winning content strategy and how can we embrace that.
  • What partnerships can we gain in market and concentrate on public relations and improving the brand presence.
  • Branding and messaging that is out there, is it uniformed – what are backlinks saying, has all advertising been uniformed for campaigns ahead?

So there is a start, a toe in a big Ocean of marketing. Best guide to online PR and strategy? The best stories do their own talking. Just like Huckleberry Finn and painting the fence, if it looks good then your friends will pick up the paintbrush and join in. Brands we all know have already achieved these kind of leaps and bounds into mainstream culture. While people look and search for services online and in general, advertising will catch those searches and the assets will tell the audience the stories they want to hear.  The making of dreams..

Like to discuss your Digital Marketing and Brand Presence with Icarus Communications? If you would like to talk to us direct please email Owen on