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Icarus Green Hosting

Icarus Green Hosting

Icarus Green Hosting began in 2018 when we became one of the first digital marketing companies to offer our clients server space for websites and emails to be powered by 100% renewable energy – no vague carbon offsets, just a direct relationship between the data centre and Ecotricity to power the facility with energy generated by 100% renewable sources.

Having achieved this, many companies would then feel justified in putting their feet up, content that they’ve “done their bit” to advertise greenness, and continue with business as usual. Our clients emails and sites are backed up in 3 different locations in the UK over a 24 hr period. In addition to that back up, they are also backed up offline.

For us as an eco conscious company achieving carbon neutrality of our electrical energy usage isn’t the end goal, it’s the barest minimum first step. We have in the past contributed to local beach clean ups and work with a myriad of companies that advocates wellness, renewable energy, nutrition and eco manufacturing. The planet is fast-approaching a global disaster, and merely being able to say that as a business we’re not actively making that process worse is wholly inadequate. During Covid we were able to naturally cut down on commute times and really look at our impact in an office environment. Working through the pandemic allowed us to maximise client and team meetings digitally and to help our clients transform their businesses from physical to digital.

This is why we’re always looking for new initiatives to contribute to both lowering carbon emissions and actively work to improve the environment beyond simply negating our business footprint. Don’t get us wring, we are a sociable group and love a coffee or meetings in person! At this stage were proud to have our clients know our servers are operating on green tech, that’s a huge plus for all and everyone involved and a step we were happy to make.

Icarus Communications Ltd are a client focussed marketing agency with deliverables of website design, marketing campaigns and strategies, advertising and content creation. We also rely a lot on marketing data and not so much on prophecies.

If you would like our advice or to engage with us, please do contact us on projects@icaruscommunications.co.uk or owen@icaruscommunications.co.uk