Icarus and Surfers Against Sewage

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Icarus and Surfers Against Sewage

surfers against sewage

Icarus and Surfers Against Sewage Northern Ireland – We are really proud of our relationship with selected charitable causes.

At Icarus it’s no secret that many of us have extreme ‘off line’ outdoor pursuits. We are a team of passionate adventurers that like to compliment creative areas in our sports and lifestyles with creative and passionate designs, styles and strategies in marketing. It keep us alive, refreshed and dynamic. That’s the team we want to be.

Where we spend our free time is key, so we are proud to say we are proudly associated  with the charitable organisation Surfers Against Sewage Northern Ireland. We are involved in the beach cleans up and down the coast, environmental awareness project and give assistance and help to others interested in joining and wanting to give a hand to keep our beautiful island coasts free of plastic, pollution and waste.

Managing Director and Senior Consultant Owen Waters is the regional representative and ambassador for Surfers Against Sewage and is no stranger to Ocean Awareness projects. As a keen surfer and water enthusiast he was involved as a primary founder of the BVI Marine Awareness Guide and editor of BVI Yacht Guide dealing with several environmental issues in Ocean awareness.

“A strong part of our team love being in the water and live in coastal towns” said Owen, “living in Ireland here we are all on an island and our coastlines are everything. We’re all really proud at Icarus that our free time where we can is applied to helping with these efforts, it’s part of our ethos for sustainability as a company to look after the environment we work in.”

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