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The Green Crowd Ireland is a crowd funding platform offering tax relief investments on eco and sustainable projects across Ireland.

Crowd funding platform for qualified investors, eco and sustainable driven portfolio, funding available for new eco projects and business ideas, tax relief on investments and a return on the investment itself – sounds like a very 2020 project. We were delighted to hear the news that we had been selected as the Green Crowd’s marketing partner for their 2020 onwards digital marketing campaigns targeting investors and eco business ideas alike that forms the new crowdfunding platform. Based in Dublin our experience in working with renewable energy in the past, our drive for green tech and environmental business and ultimately a proven skill set of the digital space gave us the green light to work on the digital market campaign in this  £50 billion market. Investor lending at it’s finest – part of Ireland’s solid commitment to a greener economy and environment. We originally designed the website and were honoured to win the contract to lead the campaigns for green funding, green bonds and green investments across Ireland .

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