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Jennifer Greenlees Yoga I Massage I SUP

The Jennifer Greenlees Digital Marketing / Web Commerce Development

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Positivity is what we all need in 2021 and wellness plays a big part in moving forward. Jennifer is an ambassador for women’s health, motivation and a teacher of SUP, a massage therapist and yoga instructor.
We worked on the project with Jennifer on digital marketing presence and web development involving content membership and commerce attributes.
We transferred the original seo and content from the original site into a re vamped and revised layout and design, organising the content and flow of each element of Jennifer’s business. We then set about integrating booking systems and building a new media library. We also worked closely with Jennifer to create an add to cart woo commerce shop after adding new products to sell directly online and created membership subscription portals for members only acess videos and content.
Check out the website @ www.jennifergreenlees

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