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Jill Dumas Nutrition

The Nutritionist Jill Dumas Digital Marketing / Web Commerce Development

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Positivity is what we all need in 2021 and good nutrition and wellness plays a big part in moving forward.
New website production for Nutritionist and Naturopath Jill Dumas. Integrated booking system, online content membership subscriptions in a fresh design with seo and commerce online shop bolt on. See more @ www.jilldumas.com #modernwebsitedesign #icarusdesigns #digitalmarketing #womeninbusiness #nutrition #wellness #modernliving #design #marketing #branding #commerce #ecommerce
We worked on the project with Jill on digital marketing presence and web design and development involving content membership and commerce attributes. Check out the website @ www.jilldumas.com

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Client:Jill Dumas Nutrition



Jill Dumas Nutrition

Jill dumas nutrition