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Longboard Ireland LogJam Surf Invitational

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We were delighted when Icarus Sports became official sponsors of the Longboard Ireland Surf Invitational ‘LogJam’ held in Brandon Bay, County Kerry Ireland .

Sports and lifestyle brands is an area that we have always worked with closely at Icarus which is why we opened our dedicated division ‘Icarus Sports’ to keep dedicating projects in Ireland and beyond around wellness lifestyles and the watersports world. Joining other prestigious sponsors Tyler Surfboards, Huku Balance Boards, Paddle Pillow and Dingle Surf the 3 day single fin only event is a mash up of Toob Ridin, Beer Guzzlin, High Fivin, Freestylin Retronauts having fun on Kerry’s beautiful beaches each Summer.

Longboard Ireland LogJam official merchandise 

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Longboard Ireland LogJam

longboard ireland log jam